• We invest in properties that we have the ability and the expertise to generate value on.
  • We focus on markets and sub-markets that we know well. It is fundamental to our approach to successfully invest is to know the communities and the market drivers where our assets are.


  • Our investment analysis seeks to maximize present and future returns.
  • We base our investment decisions on data analytics, as much as on our own experience. Knowledge is our secret formula.
  • We believe that strategic partnerships are the best way to achieve our goals. We partner with our investors, our banks, and the brands on each of our locations to make every deal a successful one.


  • We strive to manage the operations of our funds and of our assets efficiently.
  • We rely on data and on market trends to generate revenue and focus our development.
  • We structure every deal artfully from a financial, legal, and tax standpoint to assure an ideal entry and a successful exit.