The Only Source Of Knowledge Is Experience

Alejandro (Alex) Arregui


Alex Arregui is the chief operating officer and interim chief financial officer at Door Capital Partners. He began his professional career at Deloitte, as part of the Corporate Finance team as a leader in Mergers and Acquisitions, Debt Restructuring, Strategy and Project Finance projects.

Before launching Door Capital Partners as a founder, he was a director with Angel Ventures, a private equity fund focused on tech-startups in Latin America. He also founded Bonanza USA, a family private equity fund that invests in residential and commercial properties in Texas.

He was a Fund Manager at the McCombs Real Estate Investment Fund, and is an active member of urban Land Institute and American Hotel & Lodging Association. He holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business.

Gerardo (Jerry) Carreno


Jerry Carreno is a co-founder of Door Capital Partners and its chief operating officer. He oversees operations of the assets under the management of the fund. He is an industrial engineer with specialization in operations management. He holds certificates in Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management and Commercial Real Estate Investments from the school of hospitality at Cornell University in New York.

He has led the acquisition, rebranding, remodeling and repositioning of various hotels across the United States, from limited-service hotels to convention and resort hotels. Hotels and restaurants under his leadership were awarded “Development of the Year” by the Intercontinental Hotel Group, and a “Top 10 US Most Romantic Restaurants” by Open Table.

Alejandro (Alex) Suarez


Alex Suarez is the chief legal officer at Door Capital Partners. Before co-founding Door Capital Partners, he was legal advisor to family offices and private investors in projects in the United States, Mexico, and Canada for over 20 years with renowned international law firms.

Alex has structured, negotiated, and executed the acquisition and franchising of multiple hotels and commercial properties. With a unique legal career, he attended law school in the United Kingdom, the United States and Mexico. He holds a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law.

Marifer Arellano


Marifer holds a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, by Universidad Panamericana (Mexico), also she has ABASTUR's Hospitality Summit certification. She is currently taking a course in Business Management (IDEm). 

She runs races, does triathlons and is training for an Ironman® in 2023. Furthermore, Marifer enjoys art history, cooking, reading and listening to podcasts. She has been an associate at Door Capital Partners since 2020.

Alvaro Vazquez


Alvaro holds a bachelor's degree in business and finance by Universidad Panamericana (Mexico). Also, he has taken a Certificate in Real Estate Financial Modeling. He is passionate about evaluating companies, projects, investment funds, and structures. He joined Door Capital Partners in 2021.

Diego Emilio Montaño


Diego holds a law degree in Mexico by Universidad Panamericana.

Diego has developed his career in the hospitality legal field and has taken business management programs and continuing legal education. He likes soccer, running, and F1, hearing podcasts, and reading books. He joined Door Capital Partners in 2022.